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  • ACCH Koins for Our Kids

    The Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home needs your spare change. If you would like to help, please pick up a can from the display by the Children’s Home bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall. When the can is full please bring it back with your name and address written on it. Thank you for your support.

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  • Ponderosa Christian Camp April Workdays

    Ponderosa Christian Camp Workdays

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  • Join A Small Group!

    Why Small Groups? At Netherwood we have three goals for our Small Groups. First, to develop significant Christ-centered relationships through involvement with one another and taking opportunities to help one another. Second, to promote spiritual development, learning about, imitating, and serving God. Third, to provide opportunities for outreach by inviting guests to our groups.

    How do we do this? We believe it is powerful for the congregation to prepare for Sunday's sermon by reading related scriptures through the week, engaging with the sermon by completing an outline and making notes, and then discussing the sermon topic and its application in a small group setting.

    Netherwood has about a dozen active Small Groups that meet in all parts of town, most on Sunday night, and mostly in homes. A few groups meet on week nights or at the building, and a few cater to women, youth, or college age. Most groups follow the format noted above, reading the daily bible scriptures to prepare for Sunday's sermon and then use Sunday's sermon outline and notes to answer Small Group questions published in the bulletin, though some have their own bible-based studies.

    How do you get involved? You can contact the church office at 256-7389 or see one of the elders.

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