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  • Tuesday, September 27, 2016
    Read Psalm 19:7-8 What four names are used for God's words? Which of the four effects is most appealing to you? Psalm 19:7-8 New Internati ...

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  • Senior Luncheon Guest Speaker

    We invite you to our Senior Luncheon on October 21st at 11:30 am to hear Dr. Richard Melzer, from the New Mexico Historical Society, speak on "Buried Treasures: Famous and Unusual Grave Sites in New Mexico's History". Come and enjoy food, fellowship and to hear Dr. Melzer!

    Dr. Melzer's bio:

    Richard Melzer is originally from Teddy Roosevelt's hometown of Oyster Bay, New York. He has lived in New Mexico since 1973.

    Dr. Melzer earned his Ph.D. in History at UNM in 1979. He has taught history at the University of New Mexico's Valencia Campus since that same year. He is now a Regents professor of history.

    He is a past president of both the Historical Society of New Mexico and the Valencia County Historical Society.

    He is the author, co-author, or editor of 22 books as well as over a hundred articles and chapters about New Mexico history. Eight of his books have won major book awards.

    Among the many awards he has received for writing, teaching, and service to his profession, he is most proud of receiving the University of New Mexico's Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.

    He is married to Rena Chávez and has two grown children, Kam and Rick, a granddaughter, Louisa Marie, and a grandson, Ben. Dr. Melzer and his wife, Rena, live in Belen, New Mexico.

  • ACCH Annual Affaire Benefit Dinner & Auction


  • Join A Small Group!

    Small Groups rev1

    "A small group is not a miniature worship service with a miniature pulpit and a miniature preacher. A small group is a church of a different sort. It is an interactive group. It is a participatory group. It is a one-another group. It is a place where we can get honest... It is a place where we can get real. It is a place where we can confess our sins. It is a place where we can find healing." - Josh Hunt. (Good Questions Have Small Groups Talking)

    Small groups are special, they're unique. How are they different from large groups? Ask yourself what you lose as a group grows from several to many. You begin to lose time for meaningful conversations and group members become acquaintances instead of friends. Relationships are really about conversations. And if we don't have conversations with someone it's more difficult to care for them and be cared for ("carry one another’s burdens", Gal 6:2) and to love them and be loved ("love one another", I Jn 4:12; "have love for one another", Jn 13:35).

    In Acts 2:42-47 we see the new believers formed a fellowship ("all the believers were together and held all things in common"). They met as a large group ("every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple complex") and they met in smaller groups ("and broke bread from house to house"). So there was, and still is, a need for both. If you'd like to join one you can call the office, get in touch with Zane Heard (z.heard@gmail.com), or see the Small Groups section of the bulletin board in the hall, just across from the Supply Room.

  • Satellite School of Sunset International Bible Institute (Update)

    Sunset Bible Institute Composite

    Netherwood Park Church of Christ will again be starting Greater Albuquerque Bible Institute, a satellite school of Sunset International Bible Institute. The aim of biblical education is to train men and women in the gifts and skills of communication so that they can effectively share their faith and knowledge through preaching, teaching and example. If you wish to audit the classes, the cost is $10 per class. If you wish to take the class for credit, for a certificate of Advanced Biblical Studies there is a tuition fee of $60 per class, or for credit for a Bachelor’s degree will be $90 per class. Please contact Britton Pruitt for information regarding registration and the schedule of classes.

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