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Daily Bible Reading

  • Saturday, July 14, 2018
    Daily Bible Reading 2 Minute Daily Prep for Next Sunday, July 15 Romans 15:14-22. Paul, the Minister to the Gentiles Read 1 Timothy 1:1 ...

Church News

  • New Mexico Christian Children’s Home (Portales) Needs Drive





    New Mexico Christian Children’s Home (Portales) Needs Drive pick up is Thursday, September 20th. The suggested items are Body Lotion and Shout. Please give your items to Judy or Mary Louise or if you prefer to make a monetary donation, please give your gift to the office. 

  • Netherwood Cooking Camp for Kids

    Netherwood Cooking Camp for children who have completed 3rd-5th grade, July 23rd-25th from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. The cost is $15.00. If you have any questions contact Kathy Lane.

  • Sign Up for the Ladies Retreat

    For all of you lovely ladies that have not signed up for the Ladies Retreat, click the following link to register online: https://nptf.typeform.com/to/U3XwQc

    For more information about the Retreat, please click here.

    Registration ends on August 10th!

  • Secure Online Giving is Now Available

    Online giving is now available:
    Many of you are paying bills online but wonder why you still have to bring a checkbook to church. Starting this week you won't have to! Netherwood Park has partnered with SecureGive, a company with 12 years of digital-giving experience that has served over 2300 churches.

    This link takes you to Netherwood Park's SecureGive online giving site. Once you log in you can make one-time donations or set up a recurring donation. You may elect to pay via a direct draft from your checking account or you can use a credit or debit card.

    You can also register and make your contributions from your phone with SecureGive's app. (Go to your app store and search for SecureGive Vision.) Of course, the SecureGive link can also be found under the Ministries menu on our website.

    You can contact Zane Heard with any questions regarding Netherwood Park's online giving.

  • ACCH BBQ & Open House

  • Northern New Mexico Honor Flight 2018 @ Joe Rose

    The following video of Joe Rose's "homecoming" is posted courtesy of Stan Wright. Please click to play and then on the speaker for sound.

  • Netherwood Park Ladies Retreat

    The ladies of Netherwood Park Church of Christ formally invite you to join us for a weekend of fellowship and encouragement as we learn to shatter the distorted lens the world would have us see ourselves through and strive to see ourselves through the eyes of our Heavenly Father. Click here for more information.

  • Ponderosa Christian Camp

  • The Truth Transforms Website

    This new online ministry takes you to another website, "to make, foster and grow disciples of Christ". The website presently has a series of ten podcasts created by Bob Chambers entitled, "The Message and Mission of Jesus Christ".

    The hope and prayer is that this website will serve as a resource for three groups of people:

    1) Those who might be interested in hearing the Gospel of Jesus and learning more about how to obtain salvation (including a podcast devoted to the subject of baptism).

    2) Those who might like a refresher course in the foundations of our faith.

    3) Those who might like to prepare themselves to teach the Gospel to others.

    Click anywhere on the slide above to visit the website, view the podcast titles and listen to the messages of interest. If you have any questions upon completion, please feel free to contact Bob Chambers through his website contact page or calling the church office at 505-256-7389.


  • Opportunities to Serve (Updated Weekly)

    Netherwood will be hosting a two day, state wide, ladies retreat on Friday, August 24th and Saturday, August 25th. If you are interested in helping with this event, contact Mary Louise Brown or Breanna Cleghorn. Part of the Ladies Day event will celebrate the women of Netherwood Park.

    1.  There is a need for decorative wall mirrors of all sizes for the upcoming Ladies Day event. If you have a mirror that you are willing to lend for this event please contact Cheri Miller.

    2.  Also, if you have some white Christmas lights with white cords that you are will to donate for this event, please leave them with the office.

    3.  Ladies, we are looking for pictures of YOU that make you feel beautiful, as well as pictures of time spent in fellowship with your Sisters-in-Christ. These pictures will be displayed in a slideshow during the event. Contact Stephanie Doyle if you would like to share your photos or for more information.



    Children's Worship (4 & 5 years old) is in need of volunteers for the Summer Quarter. As of now there is only one family signed up to teach. You can sign-up on the sheet outside the classroom or by contacting Stephanie Doyle (text message is preferable).

  • Satellite School of Sunset International Bible Institute (Update)

    Sunset Bible Institute Composite

    Netherwood Park Church of Christ is hosting the Greater Albuquerque Bible Institute, a satellite school of Sunset International Bible Institute. The aim of biblical education is to train men and women in the gifts and skills of communication so that they can effectively share their faith and knowledge through preaching, teaching and example. If you wish to audit the classes, there is no cost, however you will be required to buy a book. If you wish to take the class for credit, for a certificate of Advanced Biblical Studies or for a Bachelor’s degree, there is a tuition fee. Please contact Britton Pruitt (via the office) for information regarding registration, fees and the schedule for classes.


Youth News

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