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  • Saturday, November 18, 2017
    Read Ephesians 2:8-10 What were we created for? Ephesians 2:8-10 New International Version (NIV) 8 For it is by grace you have been save ...

Church News

  • Happy Thanksgiving

  • Lloyd Seagraves Appears on Local TV

    To view the clip, click here.

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)- A Korean War Veteran paid a special visit to an Albuquerque elementary school to thank a second grader for a letter the boy wrote to him.

    “The ocean was angry and turbulent,” said Lloyd Seagraves with a chuckle as he spoke to students at Apache Elementary School on Friday.

    Each line in his face tells a story, a story of where he’s been and what he’s seen.

    “I tell people that ship somersaulted all the way to Japan,” said Seagraves as he spoke to the kids about his journey to Korea.

    Lloyd Seagraves served in the Army during the war and this year, he embarked on the Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

    “We were treated like we were the only people in the world,” he said.

    As Seagraves remembers all the moments of the Honor Flight, he said the most special part of the trip was when he received an envelope full of letters from people across the country.

    On of those letters was a hand-written on ‘Cat in the Hat’ paper by Xavier Nieto, a second grader at Apache Elementary School. The letter read, “Dear soldier, thank you for saving lives, and my life. I hope you are safe. Thank you for saving the U.S.”

    “It’s the first one Xavier ever tried to write to somebody, and I got it,” said Seagraves.

    The veteran was touched by the words of the young American.

    “He was asked to write this letter, he didn’t know who it was… but he said all the right things,” he said.

    Seagraves said he had to meet Xavier. And on Friday they met for the first time, embracing in a hug.

    “It touched both of them in a special way, for the elderly and the young to get together,” said Xavier’s mom, Margaret Nieto.

    As a token of his appreciation, Seagraves gave Xavier his American flag, given to him during the honor flight.

    “Thank you for sending me this letter,” said the veteran.

  • Veteran’s Day Fundraiser – Hope for Our Heroes

    “God’s Word brings my soldiers comfort, security and peace. Thank you for the Military BibleSticks.” — Army  Chaplain

    Saturday, November 11th is Veterans Day and we once again have an opportunity to express our appreciation to our service members and veterans by providing them with a Military BibleStick. This small digital audio player includes the complete Audio New Testament along with 65 minutes of selected Psalms. The BibleSticks are distributed to military chaplains who then share them with our troops and veterans from all branches of service. So far, Faith Comes by Hearing has distributed over 845,000 BibleSticks and they get 3,000 requests a week for additional units.

    Each BibleStick costs $25 to sponsor and our goal is to provide at least 100 BibleSticks. If you would like to help with any amount, please write “BibleStick” on the memo line of your check, made payable to Netherwood Park, and drop it in the collection plate or give it to any of the office staff. You can also easily donate a Biblestick to a veteran by clicking on this secure link: Military BibleStick donation. You'll either choose "Create An Account" or, below that, "Give Without an Account". If you create an account your information will be stored for future use. (We'll say more about that in a couple of weeks.) It's pretty straightforward. If you have problems or questions, please contact Zane at zane@netherwoodpark.com .

    Thanks for helping share God’s Word with our troops!

  • Youth Ministry Activities

    Youth Minister Candidate Coming:
    December 1st - 3rd

    Netherwood Christmas Party
    December 17th
    Youth Christmas Party
    December 21st at the Cleghorn’s

  • Youth and Family Minister

  • The Truth Transforms Website

    This new online ministry takes you to another website, "to make, foster and grow disciples of Christ". The website presently has a series of ten podcasts created by Bob Chambers entitled, "The Message and Mission of Jesus Christ".

    The hope and prayer is that this website will serve as a resource for three groups of people:

    1) Those who might be interested in hearing the Gospel of Jesus and learning more about how to obtain salvation (including a podcast devoted to the subject of baptism).

    2) Those who might like a refresher course in the foundations of our faith.

    3) Those who might like to prepare themselves to teach the Gospel to others.

    Click anywhere on the slide above to visit the website, view the podcast titles and listen to the messages of interest. If you have any questions upon completion, please feel free to contact Bob Chambers through his website contact page or calling the church office at 505-256-7389.


  • Opportunities to Serve (Updated Weekly)

    Netherwood is reaching out to the neighborhood on Friday, December 8th from 6:30PM to 8:00PM in the gym. We will have caroling, free pictures with Santa, cookies and cider. Please plan on joining us for this time of fellowship with our neighbors. If you are interested in singing again this year practices will be every Wednesday (except Thanksgiving Wednesday) from November 15th through December 6th in room 104. Singers of all ages are welcome! If you intend to sing, please try to make it to as many practices as you can. If you have any questions or would like to help see Tony Ohlhausen or Judy Marshall.




    Anyone interested in participating in the Hurricane Harvey relief trip to Beaumont, TX during the week of December 2nd-10th, must contact Craig Mathews and complete a volunteer signup form on the Disaster Response Team website https://www.churchesofchristdrt.org by Sunday November 26th. I also need to know if you will be riding in the church van or providing your own transportation.


    We are collecting special donations to assist our missionary families with extra expenses during the Christmas holiday. If you can help, please mark your donationMissionary Christmas”, put it in the collection plate or give it to Kyle Whittenberg or the church office. We will take donations through December 10th. Our Missionary families are: from Thailand Patinya Thitathan and family, Megk Srisuthum and family, from Swaziland Bheki Mamba and family, Moses Dlamini and family. Any amount is appreciated!

  • Satellite School of Sunset International Bible Institute

    Sunset Bible Institute Composite

    Netherwood Park Church of Christ is hosting the Greater Albuquerque Bible Institute, a satellite school of Sunset International Bible Institute. The aim of biblical education is to train men and women in the gifts and skills of communication so that they can effectively share their faith and knowledge through preaching, teaching and example. If you wish to audit the classes, there is no cost, however you will be required to buy a book. If you wish to take the class for credit, for a certificate of Advanced Biblical Studies or for a Bachelor’s degree, there is a tuition fee. Please contact Britton Pruitt (via the office) for information regarding registration, fees and the schedule for classes.

Youth News

  • Fall Youth Retreat Report

    Fifteen of our teens participated in the Fall Youth Retreat up at Ponderosa Christian Camp this year. There was a lot of food (and an awesome kitchen staff), great weather (though it was pretty chilly that first night), lots of game-playing (what's with those weird card games?), and some fun (and frustrating!) activities. They definitely built some good relationships. Even the discussion sessions were popular ("This is kind of like school work, only more fun!").

    The theme was "Jesus Changes Everything". In one session they discussed how it can be difficult sometimes to talk to others about Jesus and that being a good example without judgement is a great start. During the “New Habits” session they focused not so much on how to avoid bad habits but the good habits they have and how to keep and cultivate good habits. When asked how Jesus changes us one said, "We are loved, worthy, beautiful and not alone." Why do they think we, as Christians, no longer view others from a worldly point of view? "He put His point of view into us." Our kids can be pretty wise.

    We're already looking forward to doing it again next year (and bringing a few more blankets)! Thanks to everyone who made it happen!


  • Youth Ministry Activities

    Youth Minister Candidate Coming:
    December 1st - 3rd

    Netherwood Christmas Party
    December 17th
    Youth Christmas Party
    December 21st at the Cleghorn’s

  • Netherwood Youth Back to School Party
    Youth Group at Ronald McDonald House July 2016

    The Netherwood Youth Back to School Party, August 25th. We welcome our new 6th graders!

  • Youth Group @ Ronald McDonald House
    Youth Group at Ronald McDonald House July 2016

    A huge thank you to these special individuals who came out on a Saturday morning. Thanks also to the Ronald McDonald House for allowing us to partner with you in an awesome mission!

  • Impact Houston 2016 Mission Team

    Impact Houston Team Arrives 2016

    Houston Impact Team June 2016-1










    The Impact Houston Mission Team!

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