How COVD-19 Will Affect Youth Activities (Updated Periodically)

How COVD-19 Will Affect Youth Activities (Updated Periodically)

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How COVID-19 Will Affect Youth Activities

Houston Team Meeting (Mar 15) - Postponed until Mar 22, more details later.
Wednesday Night Activity (Mar 18) - Canceled.
Service Project (Mar 20) - Canceled, may rework.
Youth Areawide (Mar 21) - Canceled.
Game Night (Mar 27) - Canceled.
Youth Devotional (April) - Monitored.
Future Houston Meetings (April) - Monitored.
Spiritual Explosion (Apr 17-18) - Canceled.


What's Going On

The elders and ministers have discussed all known health concerns and have been in conversation with city health officials. The elders made the decision to cancel Sunday morning/evening worship along with Wednesday night service. Though hard, the decision is in our best interest to help limit the spread of the virus so as not to overwhelm the healthcare system. 

Information from medical reports was passed on to me on Friday suggesting that the virus spreads in ways we are just now understanding. For example, it seems the majority of teens/kids who contract the virus are not showing any symptoms at all. This would make it virtually impossible to tell who should stay home and who is clear to come to events. The concern, as the school systems also recognize, is that kids will spread it unknowingly to vulnerable family members. 

Youth activities will follow the advice of the elders, out of love for our vulnerable members, and cancel March activities (with the exception of our first Houston Meeting) and closely monitor April activities. In addition to Netherwood's cancellations, Riverside has also sent word that they are canceling Spiritual Explosion due to uncertainty in the future. 


Going Forward

This does not mean that the Youth Group will be dormant. There are several ideas going around as to how Netherwood could support our community during this uneasy time and the Youth would play an important role in serving. There are also a few ideas for safe, responsible activities we could do.

Additionally, if you have any ideas for safe, responsible activities, contact me and I will bring them before the elders on Tuesday, March 17th. 


Houston Mission Trip

The Houston Meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 15th is being pushed back to Sunday, March 22nd. At this meeting, we will include time to discuss when we could do our meetings going forward. We are assuming that our trip in June will not be affected, so we need to make sure we are still putting in the effort to make the trip a success. Our fundraising service projects are also in a weird spot, with most of it requiring a large gathering and the generosity of our Senior members. I have a conference call with Caroline and Harrison this coming Monday where we can get a better idea of how things are looking.