Update From the Elders – 5.15.2020

Update From the Elders – 5.15.2020

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Update From The Elders - COVID-19: 5.15.2020

Dear Netherwood Park Family,

As elders of this congregation, we wanted to give you an update based on the governor’s announcements this week. We will not be restarting worship services at the building until we can prayerfully address a number of concerns.

On Wednesday, the governor stated that meetings at houses of worship would be limited to 10% of capacity. Today’s announcement increased this to 25% of capacity. This would allow for 125 individuals at one time in the building. The governor also stated that masks/face coverings are mandatory for any individual unless they are involved in public speaking.

Your church leadership will continue to watch out, not only to follow expert and governmental guidance on ensuring our flock’s safety (especially for our most vulnerable members), but also to seek to create the most worshipful atmosphere possible in our new reality.

At the beginning, things will not look like they did before the onset of COVID and the ongoing restrictions. Below are only a handful of the questions we are considering:

  • How many services would be necessary? How do we properly sanitize the building between these services?
  • How does social distancing work and can a truly worshipful atmosphere (especially the song service) be maintained if our members are spread throughout the meeting place?
  • How do we monitor the government requirement to wear face coverings?
  • How do we conduct the communion service?
  • How do we protect the health of our most vulnerable members?

With certainty, our initial gatherings will be affected by restrictions on physical interactions, the unavailability of Bible Classes and nursery services, and the broader effect of Social Distancing guidelines.

This coming week we will be working on an initial plan that answers these questions and addresses the timing of restarting our worship services. We will try to communicate something soon.

We love and appreciate you all,
The Elders