Toddle Time (children's worship for 2 & 3 year olds) volunteers are needed this quarter. Please contact Jessica Morse or sign up outside the classroom on Sunday or inside the classroom on Wednesday night.






Parent/adult volunteers needed. If you have an interest in hosting a youth devotional, leading a devotional, providing food, or other things, please see the sign up sheets located at the teen corner in the commons area or contact Addison.










From Amber Goldmann:

Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe 2019 is here! This also means planning for our VBS will be starting soon. This year I am excited to have Jessica Armijo co-coordinating with me! She is extremely talented and has a heart for VBS. She also is awesome at the computer stuff which I happen to not be so awesome at.

The theme for this coming VBS will be "Wilderness Trek". We will be holding it on June 8th which is a Saturday. We will be having a meeting in January for all those who are interested in helping.

If you have any questions or would like to help please let Jessica or myself know so I can form a email list.

Thank you,

Amber Goldmann and Jessica Armijo