Special Announcements

                                        From the Elders (Netherwood News & Notes, August 27, 2018)            

We want you to know that you will be seeing Chase Moss in the pulpit several times in the coming months and we want you to know why. As an eldership we recognize that Chase has been gifted with the ability to teach and preach and we are gratified that Chase has a desire to further develop his gifts. As part of his ongoing training and education, we are therefore pleased to give him an opportunity to prepare and deliver several sermons and we are confident that both Chase and Netherwood Park will be blessed as a result. Chase’s first opportunity to preach will be in two weeks – Sunday, September 9.


            Text of David Wilkins' Sunday announcement (July 29, 2018) and Larry Cochran's response

To the Congregation at Netherwood Park church of Christ:

I have served as an elder at Netherwood for approximately eight years. It has been a rewarding experience, and one in which I have learned much about myself. At this time in our lives, and after much prayer and deliberation, I have decided to resign from the eldership. I do however look forward to continuing serving Netherwood in other ways.

I am thankful for the elders I have worked with and appreciate their faithfulness and commitment to the Lord. I am especially appreciative of this congregation and for your trust and confidence in me. We plan to continue to be a part of Netherwood Park and look forward to serving together.

Thank you.
Dave Wilkins

On behalf of the elders and congregation, we thank Dave for his willingness to serve in this capacity since 2011. We appreciate his desire to contribute to the spiritual health and well being of this congregation while serving, and respect his desire to step down as an elder at this time. Dave has made it clear he is stepping down from the position, not stepping away from actively pursuing other areas of service to the Lord here at Netherwood Park. We are truly thankful for this servant attitude, knowing his talents and abilities will continue to be a positive influence for us here.

Thank you, Dave. We look forward to many more years of us all working together alongside one another as a congregation toward the ultimate goal that lies ahead.

Larry Cochran, for all the elders                                


                                     Announcement made by the Netherwood Elders on June 17, 2018

After many hours spent in prayer and discussion we have come to the difficult but clear conclusion that God's answer to our prayers about additional elders is 'not now'. While this is not the answer we anticipated, we are at peace with the knowledge that it is the answer we have received. Therefore, we will not be installing additional elders at this time. All of the elders are in full agreement with this decision and are deeply appreciative of your prayers and support throughout this process. We solicit your continued prayers and support as we move forward. In light of this decision many of you are probably asking the same question we asked ourselves; 'What now?' And the answer is - we are already working to engage several able men of our congregation to help us more effectively minister to the needs of our entire congregation. You'll be hearing more about these plans soon.


Developing Safety Policy

As part of our developing safety policy, we will lock exterior doors approximately 15 minutes after services begin each Sunday morning beginning January 14, 2018. The glass doors in the main entrance to the foyer and auditorium will remain unlocked and will be the only way to enter the building after that time.

Youth & Family Minister Candidate Accepts Employment Offer

On Sunday, December 10th, the elders announced that Addison Keele and his wife, Masha, accepted the position as the Youth & Family Minister at Netherwood!

Youth & Family Minister Candidate Visiting Netherwood

On the weekend of Saturday December 2, 2017 we have a candidate for the Youth and Family Minister position visiting Netherwood. His name is Addison Keele and he will be joined by his wife Masha. We will use this visit to help us further determine whether Addison is a good fit for the job.

To give Addison and the members a chance to meet one another, we will have a Traditional Pot Luck Meal on Sunday December 3rd after church services. We will provide bread, salad, and dessert and ask that you pitch in and help bring the rest.

If you have a child in the youth group, please look out for communication from Emily or Curtis regarding an event specifically arranged for the youth group and parents on Saturday of that weekend.

Please continue praying for the search process and specifically pray for Addison and Masha's upcoming trip.

Letter from ACC to Netherwood

The following letter was sent to Netherwood and distributed via a News and Notes email by Walter Lane on November 8, 2017.

Dear Brothers & Sisters at Netherwood,

Thanks to you, next week another 15 graduates will be sent back to Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Swaziland, Tanzania, and South Africa to build up the Kingdom of God.

Thank you . . . for using God’s blessings to prepare more workers to plant, plow, and harvest across Africa . . . and for helping young women and men who are passionate about God gain skills to be evangelists, teachers, preachers, leaders, and servants in churches. Your congregation is an important part of African Christian College. You are feeding and housing student families, teaching important skills, and sending out workers to transform lives, communities, churches, and families.

You’re doing multiplication: training one student to reach many others.

In 2016, the Netherwood Park Church of Christ provided $23,313 to equip students. So far this year, you have sent $28,000. Clearly, God is at work through you.

Your continued support is important. The need for education is not shrinking. Africa is full of youth. The need to influence the next generation may be greater than ever before.

Thank you for including African Christian College in your budget again for your current fiscal year! Your partnership helps ensure the important work of equipping young people continues for another 50 years.

With this letter, I’m also including a newsy‐letter about some significant recent events. I hope you will see how the work of our alumni, our attainment of recognition, our long history, and our good stewardship provides reassurance that your money is put to good use in God’s kingdom. I ask you to share the “newsy‐letter” ( click here ) broadly in your congregation … so everyone can know the positive impact the church has across the world.

The Tree of Life Macadamia Project continues and is doing well. It provides a substantial part of our annual income. But it does not provide for all the needs to best equip students – nor will it provide for the ways we see God leading African Christian College into the future.

Rather than seeing the macadamia nuts as a reason to invest elsewhere – I hope you will see it as additional evidence of God at work in providing for His vision. You are still needed in God’s work in Africa. Brothers & Sisters at Netherwood, thank you for your prayerful support.

Thank you,
Brad Carter
African Christian College


Special Presentation by Craig Hayes (for the Elders) Concerning the ICC

Please click here for a pdf file of the Elders presentation on October 22, 2017 concerning the ICC.


Letter from the Elders at Impact Church of Christ, Houston, TX - October 23, 2017

Dear Netherwood Park Family,

We wanted to thank you again for your support of the work here at Impact in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The need in Houston and surrounding communities has been so very great. Many families - including some of our own - have lost everything. So far, your generosity has helped make it possible for us to assist over 30,000 people who are rebuilding their homes and their lives. And our efforts continue as the effects of this terrible storm are still unfolding.

Your donations have been put directly to work in the lives of those affected by this disaster. Every dollar and every item we've received is being used to relieve distressed families. You are a vital part of our work; we couldn't do this without you. We thank you for your support, and we thank God for the opportunity to make such a difference in our communities.

God bless,
The Elders of the Impact Houston Church of Christ

Some Statistics

47 - states represented who donated to Impact's relief efforts.
62 - congregations which donated funds or supplies.
60 - flooded houses that Impact crews have mucked out.

30 - crews that included Impact teenagers.
5 - hard-hit congregations that Impact disbursed funds to.
540 - beds that Impact gave to those in need.
202 - families who received case management help.
6,000 - cases of water given out.
6,300 - families served through our relief center.
15 - number of times our warehouse has been emptied and refilled.

Youth and Family Minister Update

As we announced Wednesday night (August 2) Craig Johnson, the Youth Minister candidate, informed the elders that he will be taking a youth ministry position in the Cincinnati area. He expressed his appreciation to the search committee, the eldership, and the congregation and said this was a difficult decision for him and his wife Lindsey.

Remember the Johnson's in your prayers and ask God to bless their work. And please say a prayer for the search committee. They've put in a lot of hours, have done some fine work, and now need to find their second wind.

This announcement was made by Scot Ruska at the end of the 6/18/17 worship service and made available via an email from Walter Lane on June 20, 2017.

Thirteen years ago, this congregation asked me to serve as an elder.  It was an honor to be asked, and it has been a privilege to serve.  However, they say that all good things must come to an end.  And as I approach my 70th birthday, I have decided it is time for me to end my time as an elder.  Therefore, I have informed the eldership that I will resign as an elder, effective July 15th.

This will be a big change for Paula and me.  Over the last several years we have given a lot of thought and consideration to what our next steps in life should be.  After much thought and prayer, we have decided that we will move back to Northern California in the near future.

We will miss all of you and this church.  I am very grateful for your support and encouragement over the years.   Thank you for everything.

Thank you Scot and Paula for your years of faithful service - you have been a tremendous blessing to Netherwood and we have no doubt you will also be a blessing to your new church home. May the Lord bless you and protect you.

This announcement was made by the elders at the 4/23/17 worship services and appeared in the April 30, 2017 bulletin.

The elders have an announcement to make about our schedule of services.  Let me tell you what is changing first, and then take a few minutes to explain the decision.

For most of its existence, Netherwood Park had one Sunday morning service.  For the last four years, we have offered two services.  After serious consideration, the elders have decided to return to having just one Sunday service.  Therefore, effective Sunday, May 28, we will have one worship service at 9:30 AM, and Bible classes will follow at 11 AM.

Why make this decision now?  You’ll recall our reason to offer two services was that our auditorium had become uncomfortably full, with 450 attendees and one service.  This limited our ability to make new Christians.  We spoke of the church as a lifeboat:  our mission is to seek and rescue the lost.  We needed enough room in our lifeboat.  We knew that more seats did not ensure growth; it enabled growth; other actions were needed to make growth happen.  Many of you have embraced this idea and done double duty to make two services work, and the elders are deeply grateful to you.

We have reviewed this decision periodically.  Currently, our attendance is back down to around 420, and instead of being over-full, this room is often uncomfortably empty with two services.  Also, we feel we are experiencing “two service fatigue” among the many who make our services possible.  So we think it best to go back to the schedule we had before.  

How do we feel about our experiment with two services?  We do not feel defeated and we do not feel discouraged.  We still see ourselves as a lifeboat and are still committed to saving souls.  We will keep working at ways to be more effective in seeking and saving the lost.  We are glad we stepped up and tried the two-service experiment.  And we are grateful for your support.

So, again, beginning on May 28, we will have one worship service at 9:30 AM, followed by classes at 11 AM.