A partial list of Netherwood Park church of Christ ministries include:

Other ministries supported by Netherwood Park church of Christ include:

Christian Student Center: https://www.facebook.com/CSCatUNM/

Ponderosa Christian Camp: www.ponderosachristiancamp.org

Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home: www.acch4kids.org

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief: www.disasterreliefeffort.org

Lifeline of Hope: http://www.orphanslifeline.org/

Discipleland (preschool education)

Foreign Missions

The Truth Transforms (evangelism website): https://thetruthtransforms.com

Albuquerque Christian School: https://acsrams.com/

El Paso VBS

Netherwood VBS

Women's Retreat

JourneyLand (elementary education)

Houston Youth Mission Trip

Health Ministry


Communion to Shut-ins

Toddle Time (2 & 3 year-old Children's Worship)

Children's Worship (4's & 5's)

Red River Family Encampment

Those Who Serve in Worship

Spanish Translators