Netherwood Park’s College/Young Adult ministry provides an opportunity for this age group to grow closer to God and to each other through Bible studies on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM.

The Spring Quarter class begins March 1st.

Practical Christianity:  Things That Affect My Service To God - Taught by Tony and Robin Ohlhausen - Upstairs in Young Adult Classroom

Many Christians are torn between serving Christ and the world.  When Christian service demands more time, more money, greater effort, and the sacrifice of more selfish interests, tension and opposition is encountered.  Where there should be a thrilling response to opportunities, there are often feelings of resentment, stress, anxiety and guilt.  The service of Christ, designed to produce peace, joy, and fulfillment results instead in conflict.  The answer is simple, but it is not simple to apply.  It is invariably true that those who have attained a high level of peace and joy in the Christian life are those whose level of commitment to Christ and the spiritual life is very great.  The concept of commitment will become meaningful to us when we can say with Paul, "I count everything as refuse in order that I may gain Christ and be found in him..."  In this class, we will discuss many things that affect our service to God, how to recognize them and strategies to get back on the right path.