Our  2018 Winter Quarter classes will begin December 2nd and we would love to see you attend a Bible class. Here is a list  of what we have to offer.

2018 Winter Quarter Classes

  • Doing What Jesus Did - Taught by  Craig Hayes - Upstairs in the Young Adults Class Room

    If Christians want to be a disciple of Jesus, then it is natural for us to want to imitate the actions of our Lord.  This class will look at some of the practices of Jesus to better understand how they can be a guide for our lives.  We will seek to determine how these life choices can help us reflect Christ to the world around us and help us seek a closer walk with Him.

  • The Mission of God’s People-Part 1 - Taught by Walter Lane - West Fellowship Hall

    As God’s church, what we are here for? Who are we called to be? What are we called to do? If you are drawn to these kinds of big questions, you should join us as we explore the mission of God’s people living in God’s world and participating in God’s great mission.

  • Parenting Your Pre-teen and Teen - Taught by Curtis Burnett - East Fellowship Hall

    We will be using the DVD based study "Tough Guys and Drama Queens" by Mark Gregston.  You will receive a Parent's Guide for use with the study.  There will be time for discussion.  The class will address how important your influence is during this time in your pre-teen and teen's life while the culture we live in bombards them with words and images that can influence them beyond your reach.  This class will address issues such as:  the influence of our culture, changing your approach, authority and respect, boundaries, handling conflict, the importance of relationship, trust and forgiveness.  Move from scared to prepared!

  • The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians - Taught by Sam Dooley - Auditorium

    "I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel."  (Ga 1:6)

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only message divinely inspired by God, and worthy to direct our faith, our worship, our words, and our behavior.  Any other message, regardless of the source, must be set aside as unworthy of our acceptance.  Only by faith in Jesus Christ, and obedience to His commands, do we receive freedom from the slavery of sin, and adoption by God as His beloved children.

    Join us as we share the eternal blessing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ found only in the inspired Scriptures.

  • Old Testament Discussion Class - Taught by Zane Heard and Randy Dupuy - Room 104

    This quarter we'll make Joshua and the wandering Israelites wait one more quarter before entering the Promised Land while we take a look at the "minor" prophets. What makes them minor? What stories do they tell? What do we learn about God? And what do we learn about ourselves and our relationship to our God? Though these events happened 25-30 centuries ago there are many lessons to learn! Grab a cup of coffee and join us for some good discussion.

  • Book of James - Taught by Addison Keele - High School and Middle School Class - Upstairs

***************** See you in Bible class! *********************