Our  2018 Spring Quarter classes will begin March 4th and we would love to see you attend a Bible class. Here is a list  of what we have to offer.

2018 Spring Quarter Classes

  • The Video Series: The Story - Taught by  Tony Ohlhausen - Upstairs in the Young Adults Class Room

  • Ephesians - Taught by Chase Moss - Young Married Class - upstairs in the Family Life Room

    This class will be centered around group discussions of the text as we seek to learn from God's Word and one another.

  • Being Peacemakers (and not Peace-takers or Peace-fakers) - Taught by Walter Lane - East Fellowship Hall

    We have all seen the devastating consequences of unresolved conflict in relationships, families and churches. Unfortunately, our natural responses to conflict seldom leads to peace, and our culture tends to reinforce and reward our worst instincts. But, in God’s Kingdom, is isn’t supposed to be that way and it doesn’t have to be that way. So, in this class we will focus on how God can help us, as individual Christians, throw off worldly ideas about resolving conflict and become true peacemakers. Among other topics, we will discuss how to use conflict as an opportunity to demonstrate the love and power of Jesus; when it is appropriate to overlook an offense; how to change attitudes and habits that lead to conflict; how to confess wrongs honestly and effectively; when to assert your rights; how to correct others effectively; and how to forgive others and achieve genuine reconciliation.

  • The Book of Judges: Flawed People Serving God in a Flawed World - Taught by Craig Hayes - West Fellowship Hall

    Judges provides an often disturbing portrait of God’s people when they have become lost and corrupted in a world with no standards other than the individual’s personal beliefs of the moment.  Yet God still works in that world and through those people.  We can gain strength and confidence that God works in all situations and through all kinds of weaknesses.  Judges provides an opportunity for discussions increasingly relevant in today’s society.  How do we break self-destructive cycles?  How do we align with God’s standards in a world with few standards?  How do we best interact with the world so that God may be glorified?

  • Old Testament Discussion Class - Taught by Zane Heard & Randy Dupuy  - Room 104

    Our discussion will take up where it left off - in the desert. (Yes, we're still in the desert.) There are some great stories coming up - Miriam and Aaron opposing Moses, the mutiny of God's people against Him, the budding of Aaron's staff, water from the rock, the bronze snake, and the strange story of Balaam, the prophet for hire. Join us as we join Moses and the multitude.

  • 1 Timothy - Taught by Britton Pruitt - Auditorium

    The book of 1 Timothy has two general purposes. First, Paul wanted Timothy to be able to defend the Ephesian congregation against false teachers that were infiltrating the church and second, Paul wanted Timothy to instruct the Ephesians in the kind of behavior that is expected of believers as member of God's household. These two purposes are relevant for us today. We must stand firm in the faith, in truth, and expose darkness for what it is, training people to be able to train others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will discuss the importance for truth (especially in today's world), church leadership, false teachings, Christian behavior and instructions for godliness. "Come, let's reason together."

  • Be Diligent (Mark): Serving Others as You Walk With the Master Servant - Taught by Addison Keele - High School and Middle School Class - Upstairs

    Lesson 1 - "God's Servant Is Here!" (Mark 1).
    Lesson 2 - "What the Servant Offers You" (Mark 2:1 - 3:12).
    Lesson 3 - "The Servant, the Crowds, and the Kingdom" (Mark 3:13 - 4:34).
    Lesson 4 - "The Servant Conquers!" (Mark 4:35 - 5:43).
    Lesson 5 - "Will Anyone Trust God's Servant?" (Mark 6).
    Lesson 6 - "The Servant-Teacher" (Mark 7:1 - 8:26).
    Lesson 7 - "The Servant's Secrets" (Mark 8:27 - 9:50).
    Lesson 8 - "The Servant's Paradoxes" (Mark 10).
    Lesson 9 - "The Servant in Jerusalem" (Mark 11:1 - 12:44).
    Lesson 10 - "The Servant Unveils the Future" (Mark 13).
    Lesson 11 - "The Servant Suffers" (Mark 14:1 - 15:20).
    Lesson 12 - "The Servant Finishes His Work" (Mark 15:21 - 16:20).


***************** See you in Bible class! *********************