Our  2017 Fall Quarter classes will begin September 3rd and we would love to see you attend a Bible class. Here is a list  of what we have to offer.

2017 Fall Quarter Classes

  • New to Netherwood Class (September 10th & 17th only)- Taught by  Walter Lane - Upstairs in Family Life Room

    Have you recently placed membership at Netherwood?  Are you thinking about becoming a Netherwood member but have some questions or would like more information?  Then join us for a two-week class designed just for you!  Over the two weeks we will cover: 1.  Who is who. 2.  The history of Netherwood.  3. Our core beliefs and vision.  4. What we expect from our members and what they should expect from us.  5. Frequently asked questions.  6. Service opportunities.  7. Any additional questions you might have.

  • The Gospel of John - Taught by Jack Riehl - in the Auditorium

    John’s Gospel is written in an extraordinary way which reflects an intimate knowledge of Jesus.  This Gospel is the preferred scripture for evangelism throughout the world by preachers, teachers and missionaries.  John’s work is a difficult gospel because it presents many contrasting portraits of Jesus as both divine and human, yet highly personalized.  The goal of the gospel is to shape people’s belief in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior (John 6:29; 20:20-21).  The origin and nature of the Holy Spirit is well highlighted throughout the text.

    There are no parables in this gospel. Instead, the major themes emphasized are “the 7 miracles of Jesus” and his “I Am” self-revelation assertions.  John’s writing has been referred to as “the Maverick Gospel” by many church leaders because it is different and presents Jesus in a more personal way than the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.   The gospel has also been labeled as a gospel of passion and a gospel of truth.  John’s gospel was also framed by Origen as the first fruits of the gospels, while Augustine called John the “gospel of the Spirit”.  This class will be an in-depth study of Jesus and the events surrounding his ministry as the Son of God.  Come explore this gospel.  Several handouts will be passed out during most lessons.

  • Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines - Taught by Craig Hayes and Walter Lane - East Fellowship Hall

    Are you searching for biblical and time-tested ways to take your walk with God to deeper levels?  Do you long for deeper and fuller living?  Are you looking for a path to spiritual growth?  If so, join us for an introductory class about the Spiritual Disciplines.  Together we will explore the practices of meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission and service.

  • Job - Taught by Britton Pruitt - West Fellowship Hall

    Job is a man acquainted with grief and suffering.  As members of the human race we deal with suffering, almost on a daily basis.  Much of the world deals with suffering as a normal part of life.   Reconciling suffering as a part of life is hard to do.  Since the beginning of time we deal with issues of suffering, love and the meaning of life. What seems to be harder to reconcile, is God seems to allow suffering and no definite answer is given as to why suffering happens.  We will explore Job’s suffering and his family and friends’ feeble attempts to explain his situation to him.  We will also attempt to relate his suffering to our experiences today living as Christians in a dark and dying world.  In addition, we will explore how God responds to Job’s suffering, questioning and cries for help.  Albeit on a lesser scale, our journey may not be so different.

  • The Exodus Continues - Taught by Zane Heard and Randy Dupuy - discussion class in Room 104

    In our summer class we studied Leviticus and discussed some very interesting things that are surprisingly applicable to us today. This quarter we'll move into the book of Numbers, named for the two censuses at the beginning and near the end of the book. But the Hebrew title is "In the Wilderness" and it is there that the Israelites, and we along with them, learn many lessons as they prepare to enter the Promised Land. They will show a lack of faith that results in a 40-year sentence, but they'll also get to know a God that is trustworthy and patient.

  • Acts - Taught by Aaron Cordova - College/Young Adult Class - (Ages 18 to 20 something) - upstairs

    We will go on an adventure with the apostles and Paul to explore the beginnings of the church. We will travel from Jerusalem to Rome, seeing the lives that they touched and how they spread the gospel in ways that it helped shaped the church we know today. So come join us on an adventure of a life-time.

  • TBD - Middle and High School Classes - No information available - upstairs

***************** See you in Bible class! *********************