Our  2019 Spring Quarter classes will begin March 3rd and we would love to see you attend a Bible class. Here is a list  of what we have to offer.

2019 Spring Quarter Classes

  • Proverbs: Wisdom for a Godly Life - Taught by  Tony and Robin Ohlhausen - Upstairs in the Young Adults Class Room

    God told Solomon that he could have anything he wanted.  Solomon asked for wisdom and God gave it to him.  As a result, Solomon became the wisest man who ever walked on earth.  In this class, we will discuss the many wise sayings of Solomon and others contained in the book of Proverbs and how we can apply them in our daily lives.

  • The Mission of God’s People - Part II - Taught by Walter Lane - West Fellowship Hall

    As God’s church, what we are here for? Who are we called to be? What are we called to do? If you are drawn to these kinds of big questions, you should join us as we explore the mission of God’s people living in God’s world and participating in God’s great mission. 

    NOTE:  Having participated in Part I isn’t a prerequisite for engaging in Part II.

  • The Rise and Fall of Empires and Parallels to Christianity - Taught by Craig Hayes and Derek Doyle - East Fellowship Hall

    This class will examine trends in history demonstrated by famous empires that led to their growth and collapse and identify how those same types of traits have impacted Christianity and provide lessons and examples from throughout the Bible. Classes will include instruction and discussion.

  • The Narrative Unity of Luke-Acts - Taught by Britton Pruitt - Auditorium

    Come and participate as we look at the narrative unity of Luke-Acts.  The narrative of Luke-Acts shows the clear and direct purpose of God. We will show these purposes of God as we move through the text and show how God establishes his purpose, how He meets human rejection to His purpose and how we can understand God’s will from those recounts of the story.  Jesus’ interaction with different individuals and groups show how relationships are part of God’s plan and purpose.

  • Old Testament Discussion Class - Taught by Zane Heard and Randy Dupuy - Room 104

    This quarter we'll continue our exploration of the minor prophets. We're amazed at the lessons we're learning about God's love, justice, and mercy; about human nature and mankind's stubbornness and uncanny ability to justify whatever he does, no matter how irrational. Though these events happened 25-30 centuries ago there are many lessons to learn! Grab a cup of coffee and join us for some good discussion.

  • The Youth classes are divided into a guy's and girl's class.

    For the girls: "Girl Perfect: Longings of the Heart"

    For the guys:  "God Makes the Man"

***************** See you in Bible class! *********************