This new online ministry takes you to another website, "to make, foster and grow disciples of Christ". The website presently has a series of ten podcasts created by Bob Chambers entitled, "The Message and Mission of Jesus Christ". There are also Biblical articles to complement the podcasts.

The hope and prayer is that this website will serve as a resource for three groups of people:

  • Those who might be interested in hearing the Gospel of Jesus¬†and learning more about how to obtain salvation (including a podcast devoted to the subject of baptism).

  • Those who might like a refresher course in the foundations of our faith.

  • Those who might like to prepare themselves to teach the Gospel to others.

Click anywhere on the slide above to visit the website, view the podcast titles and listen to the messages of interest or read the complementary Biblical articles. If you have any questions upon completion, please contact Bob Chambers through his website contact page or calling the church office at 505-256-7389.