Order of worship: If you attend our worship service you will see us singing, praying, sharing the Lord’s Supper, taking a collection, and listening to a lesson from the Bible. The order we do these in may vary. An insert in the bulletin we hand out before service gives the order of worship for that Sunday.

Participation: The Bible speaks of all believers as “priests,” so we try to involve as many people as possible in our worship. Some of us are more practiced than others, but our goal is heartfelt participation rather than polish.

Singing: We sing just using our voices without instruments, as Christians did in the early church. When the Bible talks about singing, it emphasizes personal involvement and a focus on the thoughts of the songs, rather than a musical performance, and so we encourage everyone to sing the words for themselves.

The Lord’s Supper: We share the Lord’s Supper, bread and grape juice, every Sunday. This is something Jesus asked his followers to do to remember Him. The bread and juice remind us of how Jesus gave his body and blood to pay for our sins. Each of us will break off a fragment of the bread and drink a small individual cup of the juice as it passes. This “communion” is intended for those who are followers of Christ, but we make no effort to restrict any participant. If it would be meaningful to you, please feel free to join us and to take part.

Collection: We will collect an offering of money. This is our only way of supporting the church and it is directed at our members. Please do not feel obligated to contribute anything. It is not our way to solicit funds from our guests.

Sermon: Our service will include a lesson taken from the Bible. If you have any questions about what is presented, we would be glad to discuss them right after the service. Teaching from the Bible and helping with questions is one of the main reasons we are here.

Prayer: Several prayers will be led today. Please feel free to follow the prayers in your mind and add an “Amen” at the end if you desire. At the end of the service, our elders might pray for individuals with specific needs such as loss or serious illness. If you would like to request a prayer, you can write it on the back of your white visitor’s card or a green prayer card and our elders will pray for your specific need(s). Requests are strictly confidential if you indicate this. If you desire for others in our congregation to also pray for your specific need(s), usually on the Monday following our Sunday service, please indicate this on your request. Several hundred people will be praying for you.